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Look&Touch февраль-март 2012


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Coralee 12.05.2016 06:42
My favorite way to get in touch with my glur-neftee goddess is to educate others on the positive aspects of living a gluten-free life. I truly feel blessed by my Celiac diagnosis because it has opened my eyes (and appetite) to eating fresh, healthy, foods that I would have never thought twice about before. I am the healthiest now that I have ever been thanks to my gluten-free lifestyle. I am proud to be a gluten-free goddess!
Lanette 13.05.2016 22:28
I am SOOO glad you participated in this months challenge!! Carey, you are a sophisticated lady and it shows in the beauty of this piece. Everything about it is perfect and I would totally gravitate to this magazine because of it's simplicity and elegance! The colors are so soothing. Really love the type fonts you used too!! What did you use for &qu;r;Inspited&quoto;. Love it!!!!! xoxo http://kphdor.com [url=http://paqqdkzzxke.com]paqqdkzzxke[/url] [link=http://rqmpnhdjgx.com]rqm

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